Mistwood Performance Center

Romeoville, IL

7,000 SF

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From Scotland to Chicago, the above quote became more than words… rather the mantra, timeless tradition, a place that was in existence for hundreds of years. A unique performance center that has the presence and history of several centuries of architecture woven into the authentic feel of a Scottish village. The goal was to create and establish a culture reminiscent of a true Scottish farmhouse cited in a fashion that lived among the golf course. From solid stone walls to clay tile roofing, every detail was thoughtfully designed. The exterior of stone and stucco, wood shutters, solid wood doors and hanging lanterns, welcome guests to more than just a state of the art golf performance center but a genuine golfing culture.

This 7,000 square foot facility may have an old world charm but is all about performance. Whether a serious golfer refining your swing or new to the sport, the Performance Center at Mistwood has everything for you. Enjoy food, drink and conversation at the hand crafted distressed wood-copper Scottish bar. Kick back in the Turf room and watch your favorite sport on one of many flat screen TV’s or just enjoy the view of the golf course.



"Choosing a "Scottish farmhouse" theme, the architect who designed Mistwood's Performance Center included every possible game-improvement amenity plus a luxurious halfway house."

-Golf Range Magazine

"Mistwood’s new Performance Center is spectacular"

-Len Ziehm On Golf

" Mistwood has also created a premier Scottish style state of the art performance center. We have not seen anything like it - golfers of all skill levels will find something they like at Mistwood."

-Two Guys Who Golf