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Meatheads is a new boutique chain of fast casual restaurants with a total of (5) restaurants and growing. Established in 2007 this brand needed to find its identity in a very competitive marketplace. Their thought process was very simple, fresh burgers in a fresh environment and energetic atmosphere.

Our challenge was to distinguish Meatheads as a brand, design a logo to express that brand, identify tangible brand defining elements, incorporate all the ingredients into physical features, and finally craft their story into the overall restaurant experience. The logo became the initial focus… a cow with a refined look however a bit more fun. The cows head is looking to the right as we read from left to right, thus allowing the logotype a nicer flow. The sharp point in the lower left corner is to resemble a cartoon bubble, allowing the logo to become more versatile.

The brand defining elements then built off the logo to emphasize the soul of Meatheads. A storybook cow illustration used in butcher shops of years past, created a visual pathway to guide guests to the order station. A focal communal table allowed interaction of customers and created natural high energy. A feature wall of plain wood provided the warmth and freshness to the overall dining area.

Once we determined the story and created the brand defining elements for Meatheads, the design of the restaurant became apparent. The reach of the design went well beyond the physical elements of the restaurant and extended into fresh views of food preparation, actual boxes of produce on display, fresh burgers grilled in direct sight of the guests. These experiential elements integrated with the physical elements of the décor, uniforms, music, and finally the attitude of the staff became the foundation and guiding principles that Meat Heads follows each and every day of business.