River Forest Country Club

Elmhurst, IL

10,750 SF

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Established in 1926, this 80 year Country Club experienced numerous renovations over its lifespan. The original Tudor style clubhouse featured magnificent architectural elements that became lost over time. As with many Clubhouses built in this era, the original design integrity of the building needed to be preserved while repositioning the remaining additions into a re-invention and not just a renovation.

The circulation paths throughout the clubhouse became nonexistent and cavernous which created confusion for members and inefficient operations for the club staff. The demographic of the membership had also evolved requiring new amenities and the omission of others.

The challenge: retain the original character of the clubhouse, stay within the current footprint, and redefine the layout to accommodate the needs of the membership and staff.

To create intuitive circulation and different zones throughout the clubhouse, a main rotunda was added as a hub with two distinct hallways as the spokes. One hallway directed members to formal areas while the other guided the members to an elegant, casual side of the clubhouse. Both hallways also allow the separation of public formal events and member private functions.

Not only did the floor plan, materials, finishes and amenities change, but custom artwork created from a 1961 video of a match between Gary Player and Arnold Palmer provided the common thread to tie the clubhouse back to the golf course and its heritage.

Today, River Forest Country Club retained its heritage and original architectural features while connecting and creating the building into a holistic clubhouse experience. The current membership call the club their own while the overall clubhouses continues to attract new membership for sustainable growth


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