Valley Lo Club

Glenview, IL

17,745 SF

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Valley Lo Club was built in the late sixties during the popular sitcom “The Brady Bunch” and is reflective of its Late 60’s early 70’s vernacular. This private club is unique in that the location on Lake Valley Lo enabled a child friendly atmosphere with golf as actually the secondary feature and family as the primary focal point.

This extensive renovation and remodel addressed several opportunities; The exterior lacked curb appeal, and the interior required updating outdated finishes, bar replacement, “L” shaped inefficient ballroom , and undersized office spaces, to name a few!

The clubhouse consisted of two levels with the main level accessible to the exterior from the front and the lower lever accessible from the rear to the lake. There also remains an attached indoor pool house slated as a future phase in the overall renovation. To gain curb appeal a second level was created over the main level which now houses the offices and private meeting room, and enables a grand 30 foot tall foyer with copula. A porte cochere was added for convenience to the members but also provided scale and presence to the building.

The “L” shaped ballroom was transformed into a magnificent space by replacing existing storefront windows and extending glass bays onto an underutilized balcony. This space created a spectacular head table location for weddings and buffet stations for large events.

The client was very cost conscience and this renovation is truly a re-invention at an extremely reasonable cost. The best design does not necessarily come at a high cost, it means “value”. This value was achieved by utilizing all facets of the existing structure and injecting creative design throughout the buildings existing footprint and exterior. Through this, all opportunities were resolved and the final product is extraordinary.